Jewish Blind & Disabled held their very popular supper quiz, as 120 people enjoyed a fish supper as well as a series of intriguing questions from quiz master Laurence Stein.
Malcolm Ozin MBE, president of Jewish Blind & Disabled, welcomed the guests saying “It is now nearly 50 years since helped Cecil Rosen open his first independent living unit. As an independent charity that does not receive any government funding we are so very grateful for your support that helps us to continue to realise Cecil’s dream of enabling people to live independently with dignity and choice”
It was particularly apt that the winning table this year included people who have first-hand experience of the difference that Jewish Blind &Disabled makes to the lives not just of the person with a disability but to their spouse and family too: event sponsor Daniel Reuben and Daniel’s mother Felicity. Felicity used to live in a Jewish Blind & Disabled apartment along with her late husband Russell who had progressive multiple sclerosis. Although Felicity chose to move out after Russell’s passing she is still very much involved in the charity both as a volunteer and as a guest at our events; as are all her family who are very grateful for all the support that Jewish Blind & Disabled gave to both Russell and Felicity both during Russell’s life and after his passing.
As Daniel commented at another event “JBD is an incredible charity. There are many worthwhile causes, but this is one that we all potentially will benefit from. I couldn’t bear to consider what would have happened to my parents should the charity and their incredible residence and staff not been available to them. We all live in hope that our parents, siblings, friends and even ourselves will never directly need the help of this wonderful charity, but let me tell you first hand that we should all be thankful of their great work.”