This is the second album by the talented group A.K.A Pella. This CD was released in 2006, and for a vocals-only CD it is amazing. As well as the drums, the boys from A.K.A Pella can produce different musical instruments such as electric guitar, all with their mouths.
Track 1 Lechah, originally sung by The Chevra from the album The Chevra II, leaves the listener amazed by what can be done with just voices and wondering what other surprises the album has.

Track 2 slows things down with Gadol, originally sung by Shalsheles from Shalsheles II. Track 3 Ranenu sounds very much like the original version sung by Avi, Dovid and Donny. This track features an extensive use of the vocals for their electric guitar solo.

Bo’u slows things down a bit. This song is originally sung by The Alumni. Ekrah has pure vocals and the original song is from Shalsheles.

Ivdu is originally sung by The Hamsa Boys and starts an uplifting beat for the next three tracks. This includes Na’ar Hayisi, which also features an appearance by the Kol Noar Boys Choir. Im Lavan, which is originally sung by Lev Tahor and is from Lev Tahor IV, features an amazing intro.

The next song slows things down a bit. This is Refa’ainu, which is originally sung by Lev Tahor and is from Lev Tahor II. Another extensive use of electric guitars is on my favourite song of the album, Vehaviainu. The CD finishes off with a beautiful rendition of Umachah, which is originally from Yehuda!’s album Oh Yerushalayim. This CD is definitely one to listen to again and again.