Kisharon have enjoyed celebrating Chanukah across all services.

Tuffkid Nursery used its olive press so children could help make shemen zayit. Youngsters tasted black olives before putting them into the press where they watched the olive juice flow.

The most exciting part was when the oil was poured into the menorah and candles lit.

Pupils also had fun making doughnuts whilst listening to Chanukah stories.

At Day Opportunities and Supported Living, a Tzivos HaShem Chanukah workshop was run by Rabbi Yossi Simon from Chabad of Golders Green.

Rabbi Simon explained how olive oil is made and everyone had a turn to help in the process. People also enjoyed making latkes and singing festive songs at candle lighting.

Kisharon Noé School pupils enjoyed Chanukah activities including making Chanukah decorations, chanukiahs, taking part in a treasure hunt around school and tasting latkes and doughnuts.

Musical and interactive candle lighting took place and pupils were joined by Chief Executive Richard Franklin, Rabbi Mason, Philip Goldberg and Ian Pearl. Each pupil received a gift from Camp Simcha.

At Head Office, staff enjoyed doughnuts and Chanukah lighting.