Kisharon deliver Shavous packages to people they support


With the help of GIFT volunteers, Kisharon organised ahead of Shavous for gift bags to be sent to people they support. Volunteers delivered the bags on doorsteps of the Kisharon family houses and residential living accommodation. The bags included a Kisharon branded grape juice, a cupcake and chocolate, two candles made by people from Kisharon, an easy read sheet of the 10 commandments and customs of Shavous, a floral serviette, an individually wrapped flower, an easy-read recipe to make cheesecake as well as an art and craft activity to take part in a flower and tree decorating project on Zoom or in their own time.  Some of the bags received an individual note from Gift volunteers too for Shavous. A wonderful act of kindness where the two charities came together to bring happiness ahead of Chag!