Kisharon faced a challenging Purim as their usual fundraising ‘Bucket’ appeal was not able to take place. Instead, a ‘Virtual Bucket’ appeal took place to raise money for the charity, together with Hipe Unite’s spiel and Gift & Homeware Store, Equal selling Mishloach Manot cards – in total Kisharon raised a fantastic £19,000.

Jessica Levy, Acting Director of Fundraising at Kisharon said, “We are so delighted to have been able to fundraise in unique ways that were Covid safe this Purim. All at Kisharon are so grateful that the community supported us via our online fundraising, through the Hasmonean Hipe Unite campaign and the Kisharon Social enterprise Home and Giftware Store, Equal for Purim”.

All services across Kisharon celebrated Purim. Kisharon Day Opportunities, The Further Education College, Supported Living and people attending from home all enjoyed the festival by preparing and baking hamantashen and making masks and greggers. They all came together online to hear the megillah using a prepared easy read megillah to follow along with followed by a seuda on zoom with music and entertainment.

Purim challah was also made by College students to use at their seudas. “It was wonderful to come together online and see everyone using the skills they have learnt over the past year to create something that they could enjoy at the seuda” said Aviva Braunold, Manager of Kisharon Further Education College.

Kisharon Tuffkid Nursery and the Kisharon Noé School also held fun activities and children dressed up.