This past weekend, pupils of Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School presented a show that not only captivated its audience but also inspired its cast.

The production, Prince of Khazar, was adapted from the book The Betrayal by M Kenan and featured acting, dancing, and singing enjoyed by hundreds of enthralled women and girls.

The gripping story which blends war, peace, treason, and friendship champions the message of being inspired to make the right choices in Yiddishkeit regardless of attractions outside. The storyline was a blend of mythic history, human drama, a story of growing up, of friendship and frailty all with a compelling and contemporary message.

“It was amazing how the trials of 100s of years ago still are so relevant today.” Said one past pupil. 

Head Teacher of the Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School, Mrs. H Freeman, said: “It is inspirational to see the sheer achdus, inclusiveness and the camaraderie amongst our girls. I feel so proud having our girls participate in this production.”

Parents too were inspired by the show, with one applauding “such talent delivered in the most professional manner” and another commenting: “It was beautiful to see every girl use her talents in the show.”

The talented Year 12 students ably assisted by head of Year 12 Mrs. Risa Gruber worked tirelessly for many weeks to make this show the success it was.