On Sunday morning Misaskim Manchester held an opening and Kevias Mezuzahs for its new warehouse. For quite a while Misaskim had been seeking a larger warehouse to enable all vehicles, equipment and supplies to be stored in one place. Boruch HaShem they were able to secure a new unit on the existing trading estate which is double the size of the previous. Following a number of weeks of refurbishment and organisation, the new warehouse allows the Shiva van, ambulance, water trailer and all equipment to be stored in a single place.

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, Misaskim saw a very significant increase in demand for their services. Misaskim took over responsibility for all Covid Taharas from the Manchester Beis Din, with their specially trained teams managing over 100 Taharas between Purim and Shavuous alone. With many of the surrounding provinces having older Tahara teams, Misaskim were called to attend Meisim father afield in Greater Manchester, Southport, Liverpool and more. All of this required significant investment in PPE equipment, training and new procedures to ensure the safety of the teams.

The new warehouse provides dedicated rooms for Shiva seforim and equipment, a room for the hospital and Tahara team, area for Levaya equipment, coffin storage etc. The opening event brought together the Misaskim teams and gave members an orientation of the new warehouse to which access is available 24 hours. Also on display at the event was the new Levaya hand washing trailer which has been custom built by the Misaskim team. This is a standalone unit which can be brought to a Levaya providing hot water via ten taps in a self contained, battery powered unit with clean and waste water tanks – a first in the UK.

The first Mezuzah was hung by Dayan YO Steiner of the Manchester Beis Din. Dayan Steiner has for a long time given Halocho Shiurim and is readily available to answer questions for the hospital teams as they arise. The next Mezuzah was hung by Dayan Chaim Heimlich, Rosh Hadayonim of the Machzikei Hadas. In appreciation for their dedication and commitment to the origination and especially the time they put into the new warehouse, the next  Mezuzos hung by Ari Scherer, Hudi Scherer, Motti Marcus and Avi Begal.