Volunteers’ Week is the perfect time to celebrate the incredible teen volunteers at Project ImpACT who are making a huge difference in the community and beyond through their meaningful commitment on a weekly basis to support those in need.

Project ImpACT is dedicated to empowering, educating and engaging teens, shaping the next generation of active young leaders.

Young volunteers from over 40 schools have joined ImpACT’s meaningful and inspiring volunteering programmes as part of their journey into adulthood. Volunteering enables young people to develop life skills and confidence, instills a sense of purpose and meaning and supports wellbeing and resilience.

The statistics speak volumes about the success of Project ImpACT. Over 5,000 dedicated teens have collectively volunteered on a weekly basis devoting 45,000 hours to various charitable endeavors. They have collaborated with 50 charities, both locally and internationally, demonstrating their commitment to serving communities in need and learning about understanding wider social challenges. Whether ImpaCT teens are packing, collecting, sorting, donating, or participating in intergenerational volunteering, the benefits for volunteers, charities and recipients are immense.

ImpACT volunteers play a role in addressing food poverty and the rise of living costs through their innovative ImpACT Youth Kitchen. They have prepared over 25,000 healthy and nutritious meals for food banks and local homeless shelters, supporting individuals and families from diverse backgrounds and religions as well as asylum seekers and refugees.

Volunteering cultivates a compassionate community, fostering understanding, empathy, and cooperation. Volunteering helps the young people develop confidence, leadership skills and become active contributors to positive social change.

“I was deeply impressed and inspired by Project ImpACT’s volunteering and social action projects. Project ImpACT is one of the most amazing opportunities that we provide for young Jewish people in Britain”. Chief Rabbi, Sir Ephraim Mirvis, March 2024.


“Project ImpACT gives me the opportunity to meet new people and make a positive impact on the community. I love volunteering with Project Impact to my local community in a fun and effective way every Sunday!” Gaby volunteer


“Thank you to all ImpACT teenagers for all the cooking for everything you’ve done. This is really a much needed service that makes such a difference to the lives of all the people that come to our door looking for food and home cooked meals.” Father Terry, Sacred Heart Shelter


”Our vision is for all teens to participate in regular meaningful volunteering as part of their routine, gaining an understanding of the charity sector and a commitment to global responsibility. Every young person should know that they can make their impact and become active changemakers in our society creating a better future for everyone.” Chayli Fehler Project ImpACT


“I have been using the night shelter for four weeks and have been street homeless since last November. It’s amazing to see young people with such a good and humanitarian heart” Marilyn, client of Together in Barnet’s night shelter.


Beyond the tangible outcomes, it’s evident that the volunteering spirit is alive and thriving among today’s youth. An astounding 91% of teens involved in the program report a positive impact on their emotional well-being, reaffirming the transformative power and benefits of volunteering.