Mental health charity, Project Lily, announced this week the addition of GIFT to their list of Jewish Communal Partner Organisations.


As one of the community’s most respected organisations working to inspire and enable lifelong giving, the partnership has the potential to have a community-wide impact.


Lisa Radford, Project Lily’s Director of Operations & Development explained: “Today’s challenging mental health landscape is impacting on so many people. We’re committed to giving people the tools they need to make invaluable early and rapid interventions – whether for themselves or other people. Partnering with GIFT is a wonderful way to reach out and help a wider audience.”


Managing Director of GIFT, Rabbi Sands Milun said: “The importance of supporting mental wellbeing can’t be overstated – it’s something that features in so much of our work. This is a valuable partnership that we hope will help many people in their day to day lives.”


A two-stage approach will shape the organisations’ relationship over the coming year. Initially, work will focus on GIFT’s staff team to give them the training and support they need to care for themselves and others. Thereafter, Project Lily will explore ways that they can gradually grow the support given to some of GIFT’s service users.


“We have to ensure that any such growth is sustainable,” observed Lisa Radford: “so naturally we’ll be working closely with GIFT to ensure we are set up to properly manage the demand that we have to meet. It’s an exciting step forward and we’ll be pushing hard to raise the funds needed to help as many people as we can!”