Over 140 people braved the icy conditions over Purim to enjoy the most phenomenal Jungle themed Purim Party & Dinner at Chabad Buckhurst Hill in Essex last Thursday.
Mouth literally dropped as guests walked into the Shul which had been fully converted into a Jungle. The entire ceiling was covered in camouflage netting with leaves and little animals, monkeys, parrots and snakes hanging down. The walls were all covered with Jungle backdrops and even the Ark and Shul furniture was draped in leopard skin material.
The event kicked off with a Megillah reading by Rabbi Odom Brandman and then a full 3 course meal, with chicken soup, salt beef and latkes, hot dogs and salads with ice cream and hamentashen for dessert.
A special entertainer had the kids spell bound upstairs with balloon modelling and games while the adults were enjoying the social, music, food and a few games in the main Shul hall.
Rabbi Brandman said “Purim is one of those really special and enjoyable festivals and it was so fantastic to see so many enjoying themselves here. Our team really went all out to decorate the Shul and put on the most amazing party. Adrian Silas was a great help with the entertainment, Howard Wise and Greg Warren with the décor and Neil & Alison Cohen with the food – we could not do this without their dedication and help”.
All in all, it was a busy Purim. Wednesday evening saw a full Shul as well, a Megillah reading and freshly fried falafel and then over 100 mishloach manos given out to local people, some of whom were elderly and could not venture out in the snow and icy conditions.