TalkRadio has sacked divisive former MP George Galloway over an anti-Semitic tweet about Tottenham Hotspur following their Champions League final defeat to Liverpool in Madrid on Saturday.

Galloway wrote on Twitter “No Israel flags on the Cup!”, resulting in his dismissal.

TalkRadio noted they had terminated The Mother of All Talk Shows presenter with “immediate effect”.

“As a fair and balanced news provider, TalkRadio does not tolerate anti-Semitic views,” they added.

Galloway’s original tweet, “Congratulations to the great people of Liverpool to the memory of the socialist miner Bill Shankley to the fallen 96 to those who fought for justice for them and to the Liverpool dockers. No Israel flags on the Cup!” resulted in a backlash on social media.

Both clubs slated the controversial politician who has had numerous clashes with the Jewish community.

Tottenham condemned the tweet, “It’s astounding in this day and age to read such blatant anti-Semitism published on a social platform by someone who is still afforded air time on a radio station on which he has previously broken broadcast impartiality rules.”

Liverpool’s Head of Club and Supporter Liaison, Tony Barrett, noted the club had been graced by former Israeli stars Ronnie Rosenthal and Avi Cohen.

He added that the club was one of “all flags, all religions, all nations.”

Jewish leaders were outraged by the latest Galloway episode.

Board of Deputies president Marie van der Zyl said Galloway’s tweet was “blatant anti-Semitism”.

She added, “We applaud talkRADIO for taking this poisonous and divisive figure off air. His attempt to bring hatred into a wonderful occasion for English football has attracted the derision it deserves.”

A Jewish Leadership Council spokesperson described Galloway as a “repeat offender”, never missing an opportunity to hurl insults at Israel or any person or body that he feels might have support from Israel.

They added, “It is fitting that both Liverpool and Tottenham have condemned his self-seeking antics. It seems that this latest tirade has backfired. TalkRadio have made entirely the right decision in sacking him.”

Former Tottenham chairman Lord Sugar, a lifelong fan, tweeted that Galloway’s comments were a swipe at the Jewish community who are Spurs fans.

He added that Galloway was an “anti-Semite of the highest order”.

There has been no official comment yet from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, but deputy leader Tom Watson has welcomed the dismissal over Galloway’s “hate-fuelled” comments.

“There can be no place for this hatred in our society,” he said.

“We must stand together against bigotry and in solidarity with the Jewish community. I welcome the decision to take a voice that thrives on division off the air.”

Galloway has courted controversy for many years.

Most recently in March, he breached Ofcom rules with his show after discussing anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. During the transmission, stating that anti-Semitism claims against Corbyn were “bogus” and had come about due to the Labour leader’s “success”.

Among other issues, in 2015, he declared Bradford as an “Israel-free zone.”

After losing his constituency, he commented, “The venal, the vile, the racists and the Zionists will all be celebrating.”

In 2009, Canadian immigration authorities refused Galloway entry due to his support of terror organisations.

He has defended his anti-Semitic tweet, arguing Spurs fans had been waving Israeli flags in the crowd, showing an affiliation to a “racist state”.

On hearing news of his sacking, Galloway told TalkRadio he’d see them in court.