Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt and Boris Mints present a shofar to European Parliament president David Sassoli

Senior rabbis and community leaders from around Europe met new European Parliament President David Sassoli in Brussels earlier this week.
Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt led the delegation who confirmed Europe’s Jewish communities are fully integrated as European citizens.

“Our institutions are hundreds of years old’, said Rabbi Goldschmidt, Conference of European Rabbis president. “Our food preparation and circumcision practices are governed by our communities in accordance with EU regulation. These practices are for the sole benefit of our own communities and we are proud of our high standards.”
He added, “It is vital to recognise that not every immigration into Europe is the same. We stand ready to work together with the EU to assist later immigrations to create recognised institutions to govern their practices.”
President Sassoli welcomed the sentiments and also restated his commitment to provide EU protections against anti-Semitism and extremism.
CER Board of Patrons Boris Mints added presented the president with a silver sculpture of a shofar, asking that the Jewish voice be heard in Europe.
CER is the primary rabbinical alliance in Europe uniting 700 religious leaders of synagogue communities.

The conference maintains and defends religious rights of Jews in Europe.