The Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, accompanied by the potential parliamentary Labour candidate for Hendon, David Pinto-Duschinsky had a whistle-stop tour of Edgware’s vibrant Jewish community as part of their campaigning for the General Election.
During the visit, the Shadow Home Secretary explored various parts of the community, including local shops, healthcare institutions, and met with members of the community. The experience provided a platform for meaningful interactions with community leaders and enabled the pair to better understand the Edgware Jewish community.
The tour started with a visit to Hatzola Edgware ambulance service, the community’s emergency medical response team. Senior responders and other dedicated volunteers showcased a Hatzola ambulance and explained the vital role Hatzola plays in ensuring public safety.
The Shadow Home Secretary toured local shops including bakeries, newsagents and an independent supermarket, talking to members of the public and the community who were undertaking their usual shopping. She also had the opportunity to meet with security at a local school and shul to understand what is required to keep the community safe, especially in these more difficult time.
Concluding the visit, the Shadow Home Secretary met with local rabbis and community lay leaders to address issues affecting the community. Topics included the impact of VAT on independent schools, housing, security and the effect of October 7th on the community.
David Pinto-Duschinsky, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Hendon, said:
“I was so pleased to welcome the Shadow Home Secretary to Edgware to meet with local leaders, and discuss issues of importance to the community from education to housing and planning. I was particularly pleased that we were able to reiterate our commitment to the community’s security through guarantees of funding for CST.
“If I’m elected as Hendon’s next MP, I will always listen and represent our community’s interests in Parliament”
Yisroel Goldstein who helped to host the visit, said: “As we approach the General Election, it is imperative that the community feels understood and valued by its representatives. It is important that the Shadow Home Secretary had the opportunity to engage with our community and understand our perspective on the issues that affect us the most.”