Chigwell & Hainault Shul recently ran a shofar factory. Organised by Rabbi Rafi and Chaya Goodwin and led by Rabbi Yossi Simon of Tzivos HaShem.
Over 50 participants were shown step by step, how to make a shofar and in total 23 children made and took home their very own shofars. No doubt the neighbours will be very pleased after all the practicing. The children were also shown different types of animals and learnt the difference between a kosher shofar and ones that may not be used.
The children had to first saw off the end of their shofars. Then Rabbi Simon drilled a hole through each one. Then the shofar required sanding and varnishing.
Sarah Strong said “It was really great fun. The kids were so proud making their own Shofar from scratch and it’s one of those lovely things they won’t forget and they’ll always have at home. Really lovely idea! The man leading it (Rabbi Yossi Simon) was great fun too and the kids really took to him”