Students from North West Primary School and Pardes House seperately have raised over £3000 for Laniado Hospital in Israel. The students were part of the Laniado “Super Heroes Challenge” competition launched by Laniado UK as a fundraiser across Jewish Primary Schools to ‘help save lives’ by raising funds for vital equipment for the hospital in Netanya.

Super-hero character Captain K is based on a real-life Jewish hero, the Klausenberger Rebbe zt’l. A survivor of the Holocaust and inspiration to hundreds of prisoners in Auschwitz; whilst on a death march he was shot in the hand and made a pact with Hashem. His famous words were “Dear G-d, if you get me out of this living hell, I will give back to humanity and start an institution in Israel which gives life”. He went on to fullfill this promise and created The Laniado Hospital.

Dealing with subjects like the Holocaust is a very sensitive topic for young Children to understand and so we have created “The Super Heroes” project with sensitivity focusing on his life affirming work and the importance of saving lives. The hospital is a beacon of hope and peace in the Middle East where both Israeli and Palestinian Doctors work sideword by side to treat their patients and provide dignity and care and value all human life.

The winners of a fabulous “pizza party” were the Year 4’s from North West Primary and from Pardes House the winners were from Year 4- Rebbe Dym’s class, who won a trophy for the class and fidget spinners. The students went above and beyond in their quest to help ‘save lives’. We want to thank all the Children of North West Primary School and Pardes House for their fantastic hard work and the mitzvah of tzedakah.

“The children were so driven by the campaign, they kept pushing themselves week after week.”- Zvi Kahn of North West Primary

“It is a nachas to see how hard the boys worked in their own time to care about others in need” -Menahel Rebbe Roitenbarg of Pardes House

“The Klausenberger Rebbe is an good role model for the youth. Through adversity he made a promise of kindness, hope and positivity- bringing light to the darkness. Well done, North West! You are all “super heroes”- Danielle Greenberg Events Manager

“We want to inspire young Jewish children to get involved in a project where they themselves become ‘heroes’ by raising money to help save the lives of crucially ill patients at the hospital within the General Intensive Care Unit.” – Simon Silver CEO Laniado UK


Laniado Hospital, in Netanya, Israel is a world-leading medical campus. Its success is based on the dedication of its staff and the generosity of its supporters worldwide.

Laniado was founded by a holocaust survivor whose vision was to build a hospital where every patient is precious, and where no one is turned away regardless of race, religion or the ability to pay.

Here in the UK, we share the Laniado vision, giving our supporters the opportunity to purchase specific equipment and thereby partnering with Laniado’s medical team to help people and to change lives. For more info, please email

Laniado Hospital was founded in 1975 and Laniado UK was founded in 1997

It is a small charity organisation with 3-4 people in the UK office