(Credit: Adrian Korsner)

Technion produced a photographic exhibition in Camden Town for a week with an award-winning Israeli photographer, David Katz, who has had front-page newspaper photos and is registered blind but hid this from everyone till now. He is now inspiring young people with various disabilities and was a keynote speaker at the recent Paralympics. There were 2 other photographers also exhibiting, Adrian Korsner from north London and Susan Meyer from Kfar Saba in Israel

David who was born in Essex and moved to Israel 10 years ago spoke about why he didn’t tell people about his condition which is called Nystagmus and how proud he is that his personal story is inspiring young people who have a similar condition.

The exhibition ran for seven days and they’re very sore vents held at the gallery each night. Guest speakers included there is one ambassador who opened the exhibition and spoke in front of an audience of 100 people. All proceeds from the exhibition will go towards medical research at the Technion in Israel.