This week’s Psalm is the Psalm of the day for Monday. The sons of Korach describe Jerusalem as the ‘Msos kol ha’aretz – the joy of all the earth,’ because the holy city regularly gave atonement to mass throngs of troubled people who came to the Temple looking for spiritual uplifting.
Jerusalem is the eternally beautiful and ever glorious city, and the fact that Hashem chose it as his eternal resting place on this earth is true testimony to the brilliant resurrection due to take place there with the coming of Mashiach.
An occasional glance at the news will clearly demonstrate how even after thousands of years since the destruction of our Temple, Jerusalem still regularly dominates world headlines, and sadly people are still bitterly fighting the capital city of a country that is just 17 miles wide at one point.
The verse continues, by describing Mount Zion. ‘Har Tzion yarkesei tzafon, kiryat melech rov – Mount Zion is by the northern side of the city of the great king.’ The word ‘Zion’ comes from the word ‘Tziyun – a monument.’ This refers to the great Temple that once stood on the sight and will stand there again. Rabbi Hirsch hints that this eternal monument alludes to truth and sanctity, that will last forever.
Indeed, even in today’s world, so called ‘Zionists’ are still slammed by anti-Semites across the world, and as shown here in this Psalm, part of what infuriates these wicked people so much is the truth and sanctity of the Torah, which they simply abhor.
The Psalm goes on to describe how enemies of Jerusalem would flee when they saw G-d’s might and power and how we ourselves even today still witness this effect regularly. Just ask any soldiers who have ever fought in Israel’s wars, and they will all tell you of the many miracles that occur. May we all merit to return to dwell securely in our land in Peace, Amen.

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