This week’s Tehillim is in memory of Suri Dubiner

In this week’s Psalm, we open with the line of a famous Avraham Fried song, “Lama Hashem, Taamod Merochok – why Hashem, do you stand at a distance? Why do you conceal yourself in times of stress?” King David asks G-D why he remains hidden whilst wicked people profit and go about their lawlessness life seemingly without obstruction or retribution?

In modern day, one may think of many evil tyrants around the world who live the life of kings. These reshaim even congratulate themselves that they have deceived G-D, and they carry on their wicked and vile acts, thinking that since they have gotten away with it until now, they will never be punished for their actions!

The wicked are mistaken though. Hashem is truly mindful of each and every single deed that we carry out and as we say in Ethics of the Fathers, “all our deeds are recorded in a book.” He will always dispense appropriate justice in the right time, be it in this world, or in the netherworld. The downtrodden and oppressed people, who are walked all over by these arrogant people, and swindled at every turn, can take quiet comfort in the knowledge that Hashem will always settle up all scores in the end and justice will ultimately prevail. By praying properly, with a humble heart, we will make sure to have Hashem’s listening ear at all times.

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