This week’s Tehillim is in memory of Rochel Leah bat Avrahom Eliezer

In life, very often we will be let down by our fellow humans. People that we trust, sometimes even explicitly can deceive us for their own selfish interests. One only has to look around the world to see how many footballers and celebrities etc. are frequently unfaithful, and sadly within our own Jewish world, when it comes to money, many people suddenly behave quite differently, chveating each other for trivial amounts, and from time to time becoming quite sharp and aggressive, even with loved ones.

In this week’s Psalm, King David reflects that as truthful people seem hard to come by, one can only really turn to Hashem for proper guidance. In a degenerate society, people pretend to be friendly, yet because they are treacherous in their hearts, we can only truly rely on G-D.

Hashem promises to guard the poor and needy, and grant them safety. In the dangerous world we live in, where we can all be counted as needy when faced with such violent extremists, we pray that the Almighty will save and protect us all.

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