This week’s Tehillim is in memory of Louise Haft

On Rosh Hashanah, we spend the day in shul, acknowledging that Hashem is our King. With Rosh Hashanah now less than 2 weeks away, it is appropriate that this week’s Tehillim deals with kings, and how powerful people use their influence to inspire others to see Hashem. Our sages tell us that if you are coming up to a festival, and the subject of that particular festival comes up in your weekly learning, then it is a sign from G-D that he is happy with your learning. So this column is clearly making waves in the heavenly world!
Many kings, both today and throughout the ages have rejoiced in their own honour and used their power to heap untold misery upon many people. However, the righteous king should trust in G-d alone. King David, King Solomon along with many other great Jewish kings realised G-ds total control and prayed to him for assistance every single step of the way. A simple look around history will show us that even the most mighty king in the world can have his power taken away from him by G-d in a split second. Think Pharaoh, and Hitler to name but a few..
The words “length of days for ever and ever” provide comfort and hope to accompany the long years of exile. As a reward for the brilliance of King David and Solomon, G-d promises in this Psalm that despite a temporary interruption, the monarchy will eventually be restored to the Davidic dynasty.
By trusting completely in Hashem, loyal kings can be secure in the knowledge that Hashem will always look after them, and continue to bestow his kindness upon them.
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