This Psalm is one of the most famous across Tehillim, as we recite it each morning after Shacharit from the beginning of Elul, until Shemini Atzeres. ‘LDavid Hashem Oire vyishi, mimi eiroh?- Hashem is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?’

In the world we live in, unfortunately there are many people out to get us. If we open a new business, often our competitors will gang up to try and mercilessly destroy us, whether bad-mouthing behind our backs or causing any form of destruction they can think of.

King David suffered just the very same way, from people who used to be close to him. He describes how ‘evildoers would approach me to devour my flesh.’ The harsh business world of today certainly shows us the ‘dog eat dog’ syndrome that literally sees people tearing each other apart. King David was King Saul’s son in law, yet he still tried mercilessly to kill him.

Yet it is they who ‘stumble and fall.’ Our Psalm goes on to say, ‘Even if there would encamp against me an army, my heart would not fear, even if there would arise against me a war in this I trust.’ King David firmly reiterates his utter belief and conviction in Hashem’s protection, and history shows that his righteousness was indeed well and truly vindicated. Man desires always change. Every moment is filled with fresh possibilities, and people are always looking for new luxury in this world. Yet King David asks of only one thing, ‘’to dwell in the house of Hashem, all the days of my life, and to contemplate his sanctuary.’ We echo this request daily in our Amidah.

King David calls Hashem’s shelter ‘His Succah,’ an apt expression that we can all relate to each year on Succot, when we feel his protection against the elements. May we all be protected against the most vicious elements of life.

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