This tehillim is for a refuah shelema for Shalom ben Gracia

This Psalm is highly recognisable to us as we say it each Shabbat during the extended Pesukei Dezimrah. King David was known as a musical genius and throughout the entire book of Tehillim, there are many references to songs and instruments. Music played a big part in his connection to Hashem.
He starts this week’s psalm by telling us to ‘sing joyfully to Hashem.. and to give thanks with a harp and a ten-stringed lyre.’ He asks us to ‘sing a song that is new,’ and to ‘play (our instruments) well, with deep emotion.’ We all know that music is the language of the soul, and using music to come closer to G-d and appreciate his wonders can end up making people become as righteous as King David.
King David goes on to say, ‘the kindness of Hashem fills the earth.’ One only has to look around at the world to see the brilliance of our creator. From the multitudes of fish that fill the very depths of the sea, all with their own ingenious little ways to defy their predators and survive, to the snow found at the highest of mountain peaks, where each individual snowflake is completely different to the next!
‘For He spoke, and it came to be, He commanded and it endured.’ Hashem made this brilliant world with simple words, and it is right that at this joyful time of Chanukah, when we sing Hallel every day, that we have in mind to follow King David’s lead and sing our praises to G-d for this beautiful world.

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