This tehillim is for a refuah shelma for the victims of the New York fire:
Shilat bat Louza Aliza, Daniel ben Louza Aliza and Yosef ben Ahuva Masuda

Continuing with the Psalms that we add in to our Shabbat morning prayers, we arrive at ‘LDavid bshanoto et tamo, lifnei Avimelech..,’ a fascinating story from Tanach, where King David pretended to be mad to escape death from the Philistines.
King David had originally said to Hashem, ‘All that you created is beautiful, and wisdom is the most beautiful thing of all. However, I fail to understand or to appreciate the value of madness. What satisfaction can You derive from having created a lunatic, who walks about, ripping his clothing, is chased by little children and is mocked by all?’ Our great, righteous and holy King of Israel simply could not understand why G-d created madness?
Hashem replied ‘David, you will someday need this madness, which you now criticize. Furthermore, you will even pray that I give this madness to you!’ When David Hamelech was later forced to flee from his father in-law King Saul, he initially found safety amongst the Philistines, after all the Jews had betrayed him. However, his life quickly became endangered when he was recognised, so he pretended to be mad to escape, and Avimelech threw him out in disgust.
This Psalm, written as a thanks for his miraculous escape, is written in alphabetical order, and perhaps shows that even though we may not understand everything that G-d does, the entire world functions in a perfect order and things always will be understood in the end, whether in this world or the next.

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