This tehillim is in memory of the yahrzeit of Hayeled Yechezcal Shimon ben Efraim

In this weeks Psalm, we are taught that man is meant to pray for the ability to live a life devoted to Hashem, with as little distraction as possible. This does not mean that we must not work, but as much time as we can should be devoted to G-d.

The Psalm introduces us to Jeduthun, who was the leader of the Temple choristers. However, according to a midrash, the word Jeduthun is not referring to the Temple choirmaster, rather it refers to the word “datot – decrees.” This makes reference to the decrees that have unfortunately befallen our people.

Suffering makes one aware of human frailty and transience and often people come close to Hashem during times of distress or great peril. King David made a resolve not to voice any complaints, or to question the ways of Hashem, even whilst pain and tremendous suffering were being inflicted upon him. We can all learn from our righteous King how to react when we are punished.

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