In this week’s Psalm, the sons of Korach vividly portray the recurring oppressions and persecution of exile, which have sadly plagued our history, and in addition they pray that the nation of Israel will always find the strength to endure and survive all the trials and tribulations it faces over time.
They mention how G-d drove out the other nations from the land of Israel and ‘Implanted’ the Jewish people there instead. Throughout our great history, we have won many battles against nations more mighty then us, as is well documented across the Tanach.
Our Psalm goes on to remind us that it was clearly not due to our prowess with the sword or our own arms, but rather it was all from Heaven, with Hashem’s hand clearly showing the way alongside unprecedented miracles.
From the time that we left the terrible servitude and backbreaking slavery in Egypt, complete with all the many wonders and wonders, and miracles and miracles at the famous song goes, through to the crossing of the Red Sea, the crossing of the river Jordan, the miraculous events at the city of Jerico, where the wall simply sunk into the ground, and many other such miracles, the hand of Hashem is clearly evident throughout.
As we look back on our own more recent history, we must not make the same mistake of trusting in ourselves. Yes we should take great pride in our own military might and tremendous achievements on the world scene, but we must remember that it is always Hashem who guides each war to its conclusion, and you only need to think about how the miraculous way that Israel has been reborn over the last 70 years to see that Hashem really does run the world.