This Tehillim is for a refuah shelema for Yehudah ben Leah

This week’s Psalm will be extremely familiar to many people as it is the Psalm that we repeat 7 times on Rosh Hashanah prior to blowing the shofar. In yet another Psalm by the sons of Korach, we see how G-d’s sovereignty will ultimately be recognised and accepted by all of mankind.

‘Kol ha’amim tiku chaf, hariu leilokim bkol rinah – all you nations join hands, sound the shofar to G-d with a cry of joy.’ This is an extremely appropriate verse to say prior to shofar, as we enter a time of Judgement for the whole world, not just the Jewish nation. We know that on Rosh Hashanah, each and every single penny that we will earn in the next year, is transcribed on that day, together with all other incidents both good and bad that will happen over the next year.

We can of course do Teshuva and change it on Yom Kippur before the Judgment is sealed, but as anyone who has ever been to court will know, it’s much easier to get a good judgment the first time then on an appeal.

As our Tehillim progresses, we see how Hashem is a ‘great King over all the earth.’ He will lead the nations ‘ under us and beneath our feet,’ and all will end up at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which is described as ‘the pride of Jacob.’ The Har Habayit was of course the place where Jacob has his famous dream of the angles going up and down the ladder, and the place where ultimately our third Temple will be built and will last forever, Amen.

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