From amidst the tremendous agony of a long drawn out exile, Jews have frequently prayed that Hashem will deliver His nation thereby causing His sovereignty to be recognised by the entire world. ‘Z’chor adatcha kanita kedem, gaalta shevet nachalatech har tzion ze shachant bo – Remember Your congregation, which You acquired long ago, You redeemed the tribe of Your heritage, the mountain of Zion, there You rested Your presence.’

The enemies of Israel had caused more than just the physical damage to the Beit Hamikdash, they had wreaked tremendous havoc upon the soul of Jews worldwide affecting their holiness and purity. King David now addresses this fact with the words ‘lift Your footsteps to wreak eternal ruin to avenge everything harmed by the enemy in the Sanctuary.’

We have mentioned in previous article that Jews are allowed to daven for Hashem to wreak revenge on our enemies, and the fact that we actively pray for it every Shabbat in those congregations that say the ‘Av Harachamim’ prayer each week, and famously in ‘Sh’foch Chamatcha’ section at the seder table on Pesach.’

The Psalm then alludes to the great joy that was beheld when King Solomon inaugurated the Temple. We learn out that in actual fact, this tremendous simcha was mixed in with religion, to the extent that when people chopped wood for the building work, it was considered as if they were bringing a sacrifice to G-d.  Alas this great joy was destroyed by our enemies and we pray that Hashem avenge this destruction together with all other tragedies throughout the ages, Amen.