The opening of our secondary premises on Sunday was a very exciting moment not just for everyone involved in Paperweight, but for our community. We were delighted to welcome so many supporters, friends, family and residents of the local community to share the day with us.

This additional space, these meeting rooms, allow us to expand our services and to provide guidance, help and advice, to an ever-growing number of people.

Our premises are the heart and soul of an organisation that knows no boundaries, either communally or geographically, and the impact of the work that begins here is immense.
Since March 2020, the beginning of the pandemic, Paperweight has helped 2000 people, young and elderly, married and single, with a wide range of issues. On average five people a day, every day, call us for assistance.

As a community, we are all only too well aware of the current economic climate: the strain on household budgets, the rising levels of debt, the delays and reduction in welfare benefits, and of course the almost total dependence on doing everything online, easy if you know how, a nightmare if you don’t. Our family law team, our Paperlite team and all our specialist advisers are all working to maximum capacity because the need is so great.

If you are alone, either through separation, divorce or family breakdown, the loss of your spouse, or maybe illness or dementia, how do you cope with the myriad tasks which we are all required to carry out every day? How do you face the letters and the bills, and the paperwork that have been left behind – none of which you understand? All too frequently, the bill goes in the drawer to be dealt with later, and you smile to let everyone know that you are fine.

And of course, even if you are not on your own, you may well require some help, some guidance, some friendly, confidential, professional assistance.

And that is why Paperweight is here and that is why our caseworkers, in London, Manchester, Gateshead and across the UK, devote their time and expertise to help those in need.

Whilst we wish that an organization such as Paperweight was not required, by every measure any of us could choose from, there is an ever-growing need. And we know, that in just a year or two or three we will outgrow these premises and move once again to larger ones.

Contact us today on 0330 174 4300 or email and we will talk you through everything you need to know.