Senior White House advisor Jared Kushner

Senior White House advisor Jared Kushner is to invite Arab Middle East leaders to a peace conference at Camp David during a whistle stop tour of the region which he embarked on yesterday.

US President Donald Trump will present his much-anticipated peace plan at the famous retreat.

It has been reported the conference will take place before Israeli elections on September 17. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s US Ambassador Ron Dermer were consulted about the Camp David gathering but Netanyahu will not attend as it could hinder attendance from a number of Arab leaders.

US negotiator Jason Greenblatt is part of the US delegation with Kushner to Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The duo will also visit Israel.

The Camp David conference is viewed in some quarters as benefiting Netanyahu’s election campaign as he will be seen as a global leader but it could impact Blue and White and Labor over a refusal to join a coalition.

Backing of Netanyahu’s West Bank’s Area C building plan for Palestinians this week has been seen as beneficial for Kushner in discussions with Arab leaders attending the conference.

Kushner is pushing the economic element of the peace plan calling for $50 billion investment in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and regional states including Egypt and Jordan.

Jordanian King Abdullah II met with PA leader Mahmoud Abbas Abbas in Amman last week, announcing they supported a Palestinian State with a capital in East Jerusalem.

“Both sides believe it is important to reach a steady peace between Israelis and Palestinians and stress that they will continue to back Palestinians in getting their legal rights and establishing a State based on the 1967 border, with East Jerusalem as its capital,” noted a statement.

King Abdullah ll reportedly also met Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Cairo to discuss ways of promoting “levels of joint cooperation”.

By Adam Moses