The children at Kisharon, Tuffkid nursery had a fantastic Succot themed week. 
Children learnt the many symbols of the chag including the esrog, lulav and of course the succah. Each child had a chance to shake a lulav and esrog, build an indoor succah by turning a table over and placing schach on top. Some very strong Tuffkids even helped to build a little succah in the garden with play bricks learning to turn-take as it was a tight squeeze for all to fit in the succah at once! 
In art as well as paintings children created their own esrog to hang up in their succah. Even music lessons were Succot themed where children used rhythm sticks (claves) to ‘build’ the succah by ‘hammering the nails and painting the walls’. Children were able to develop their gross motor skills as part of the activities. Listening to the story called “The Sukkah that I built” helped the children to consolidate everything they learned about Succot.