Theresa Villiers has welcomed Conservative plans for a “Backing Drivers Bill” to reverse Ulez expansion and ban the introduction of new pay-per-mile driving charges:
She said “I fought hard against Mayor Khan’s Ulez expansion past the North Circular, which has caused so much hardship for Barnet residents. If the Conservatives are returned to Government, we will scrap this scheme, take down those cameras, and block any attempt to introduce new pay-per-mile driving charges.”
“I have spoken out strongly against Ulez and other measures from Sadiq Khan and Labour which just make journeys slower and more difficult, like the bus lanes proposed to Barnet High Street and Whetstone High Road. I will continue to do that if I am re-elected. In Barnet, many of us depend on our cars, and I just want people to be able to get around to where they need to be without too much cost and hassle. I will always stand up to Sadiq Khan on this.”
In London, at the request of Mayor Khan, TfL are looking at introducing road pricing which could charge drivers for how far they drive, what car they drive, and at what time of day.
The Backing Drivers Bill will guarantee that these pay-per-mile schemes cannot be introduced in any part of the country. It will also ensure that Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) and 20mph zones can only be implemented if they have clear local support, via a local referendum. And there will be ‘right to challenge’ existing schemes. Where lack of consent to an existing scheme is proven, there will be a duty on local councils to remove it.
Theresa concluded, “Labour have adopted an anti-car approach where they are in power in Wales and London and would do the same in government. Sadiq Khan’s Ulez expansion hit 57,000 drivers with £26 million of fines in its first month alone.”
“The Conservatives have backed drivers by freezing fuel duty and spending billions improving roads. That includes a recent announcement of an £8.3 billion funding programme over eleven years to provide extra support to councils to fix potholes. Barnet Council has been given £368,000 this year from the fund and I am keeping up the pressure on them to get potholes fixed.”