One in six couples experience infertility problems. For over 28 years, Chana have been providing emotional and practical support to Jewish partners who are longing for a family, but may be struggling. To date, 825 babies have been born with Chana’s help – with your help, that number can keep rising.  

 Chana provides:  

  • A confidential free helpline 
  • Cutting-edge medical information courtesy of our in-house Scientific Advisor  
  • Specialist medical support through our Medical Advisory Panel – 30 of the UK’s leading fertility specialists and healthcare professionals  
  • Treatment advice sensitive to the centrality of halacha at all times  
  • One-to-one and couples counselling  
  • Financial assistance  
  • Support groups  
  • Support for secondary infertility  
  • Webinars and monthly newsletters  
  • Training and guidance for communal leaders  
  • Events open to all featuring the latest information on reproductive health  

Just because you can become pregnant it doesn’t mean Chana is not for you. Fertility is also about staying pregnant, carrying to term and having a genetically healthy baby. If you can fall pregnant or you are pregnant and you struggle with any of these Chana can help you.  

As well as infertility, Chana also supports people through preservation of fertility following a cancer diagnosis, intimacy issues, miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, and treatment to avoid genetic disorders.  

The statistics on pregnancy loss and mental health are both shocking and depressing and I know how lucky I was (in the middle of all my bad luck) to have the support of Chana.” 

Don’t struggle alone, pick up the phone. 

Chana helped me get through the toughest parts of my life to date, and I will be forever grateful for their kindness.” 

With Covid causing backlogs across the entirety of the NHS, waiting times for appointments are now up to a year, time young couples often simply cannot afford to wait. Demand for our vital services has increased by 20% since our last fundraising campaign 18 months ago. Your support is needed more than ever for our Matched Funding Campaign on 16th-17th January 2022, entitled ‘Precious Moments’.   


We need to raise £700,000 in 36 hours to ensure that we’re able to continue to support couples in our community who need our help.    

Every donation, large or small, will make a real difference, and will be doubled by our generous ‘matching funders’ during the live campaign.   

  Help ensure that more families in our community can enjoy life’s precious moments. During our campaign on the 16th–17th January, all you need to do is donate via Charity Extra website or over the phone.   


Find out more at 

020 8203 8455 

Registered charity no. 1172957