Hidden Heroes at the RAF Museum in London. (Credit: Richard Gray)

Last week the RAF Museum launched a new project called ‘Hidden Heroes’: The Unknown Story of Jewish Personnel in the Royal Air Force.

In attendance were 5 WWII Jewish RAF veterans (named below) and historian Joshua Levine.

Veterans in attendance:

Sqd Leader Retd Lawrence ‘Benny’ Goodman – Pilot ‘Dambuster’ 617 Squadron, who participated in almost all of the raids after the historical ‘Dambuster’ raid

Jack Toper – Wireless operator in a Wellington Bomber, member of the ‘Guinea Pig Club’, “The Guinea Pig Club was formed in July 1941 by several RAF burn patients sitting around a table drinking sherry and beer, mainly Battle of Britain pilots. One of them had said, we should form a club, all agreed. One of them said, since the medics are using us as Guinea Pigs with plastic surgery in its infancy..’

Ralph Levy– Ground engineer during Berlin Airlift

Bernard Carton – Bomber Command, flight engineer, flew over Italy

Alfred Huberman – Rear gunner Lancaster