Some of the country’s top tech and finance minds gathered on Tuesday, 19 September at the Millennium Hotel, Mayfair for Norwood’s annual YN Business, Finance and Entrepreneurs Dinner sponsored by Credo Wealth.
The event, which raised over £46,000 to support Jewish charity Norwood’s vital services, saw keynote speaker Tamara Lohan, founder of boutique hotel travel specialist Mr & Mrs Smith, speak about her rise to success, digital innovation, leadership and how the company developed into an international brand with over 1.5 million members.
The 230 guests also watched a film featuring several people Norwood supports.
Introducing the film, James Goodman, YN Business, Finance, and Entrepreneurs Dinner Committee Co-chair said: “The film we’re about to watch will show you exactly why Norwood’s work is so important. The theme of the film is Personal Best, and you will see just how hard Norwood works to ensure everyone is able to reach their own personal best. Thanks to Norwood, thousands of people gain independence so that they can build fulfilling lives for themselves.”
Ahead of addressing the assembled young tech leaders, business and finance professionals and entrepreneurs, Tamara Lohan MBE said: “I think it’s important for young entrepreneurs to find out about these kinds of events. It’s so important to support organisations like Norwood and also bring through the next generation of talent. There are plenty of networking opportunities. Since building a business, my network has kept me going. So it’s great to meet likeminded individuals who all support the same cause.”
Norwood is proud of this event hosted by its YN committee (previously Young Norwood), a professional network for people aged between 21 and 35 set up in 1993 by Norwood Chairman David Ereira. The work done by the committee contributes more than £500,000 a year to Norwood.
Commenting on the evening, Mr Ereira said: “Events like tonight are important because it’s a fusion between charity, community and business. It allows young business professionals from all areas to come and meet likeminded people, but also have the opportunity to give something back.”
On the role of YN within the wider Norwood organisation, he added: “I’ve been very proud to watch YN grow into one of the largest networks of young business people within any communal organisation. I’m more proud to see that we have members who are not only working within the committees but are also now working within the organisation. It’s just fantastic.”
YN Business, Finance and Entrepreneurs Dinner Committee Co-chair Claudia Lipman added: “Everyone will get something different from tonight. Hopefully there will be some people who are inspired to get involved with Norwood; even in a small or a big way. For others it could be a networking opportunity and a chance to share ideas with people in their industry, or they’ll meet someone they decide to partner with in the future.”