Over 1,000 people from Hertfordshire and around London attended a pro-Israel rally urging for the immediate return of 134 hostages who remain in captivity.

The event, named ‘Israel in our Herts’, featured prominent speakers such as Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Michael Wegier of the Board of Deputies, and Hertsmere Borough Council leader Jeremy Newmark.

Sharon Lipchitz emotionally shared her family’s ordeal, with her parents kidnapped by Hamas on October 7. While her mother, Yocheved, aged 85, was released on October 23, her father Oded is still in captivity. The couple, known for their peace activism and efforts in transporting patients from Gaza to Israeli hospitals, are highly respected figures. Sharon’s heartfelt plea for a hostage deal moved the crowd, especially when she read out the names of other hostages from her parents’ kibbutz.

Chief Rabbi Mirvis emphasized the importance of solidarity, stating, “The hostages remain at the forefront of our minds until the last one comes home. We will cry out to the world’s leaders, ‘Bring Them Home’.”

Josh Moont, one of the event organizers, stressed the significance of unity and support for Israel. He highlighted the rally’s purpose of demonstrating unwavering support and advocating for peace and the hostages’ release.

Rabbi Alex Chapper of Borehamwood & Elstree United Synagogue expressed pride in the community’s turnout, emphasizing the importance of solidarity in times of adversity.

The event, part of ongoing efforts since October 13, included cross-communal support from various organizations such as the Israeli Embassy, United Synagogue, Board of Deputies, StandWithUs UK, CAA, UJS, and Hertfordshire Jewish Forum.