Aish UK appoints Rafael Joseph as Head of Schools Division


Aish UK has appointed Rafael Joseph as their new Head of Schools Division. The exciting appointment for Aish UK demonstrates their commitment to doubling their existing programmes for the upcoming year under the new Chief Executive Rabbi Naftali Schiff. Aish UK has been involved with running programmes in and out of Jewish and non-Jewish secondary schools for over 20 years, however the appointment of Rafael Joseph, who has spent the last 18 years working at JFS as a Jewish Studies teacher and 6th Form Jewish Studies Coordinator, will give invaluable school and pupil focused insight into developing the department and programming for the future.

Rafael Joseph will be working with Jewish and non-Jewish secondary schools to provide an informal setting for Jewish students to connect with their Jewish identity. Rafael will also be tasked with developing the existing school’s provision, including the ‘NXT’ programme which offers unique opportunities for school students to hear from successful Jewish leaders in their professional fields. This can often lead to mentorships developing as well as the chance for students to see that there is every possibility of being professionally successful whilst maintaining a strong Jewish identity.

The Aish schools programme offers an alternative way for young Jews to connect with their Jewish identity with fellow Jews outside of the classroom, creating a safe space for these young students to explore being Jewish without the fear of judgment.

Rafael will also be tasked with broadening the team of Aish educators with the aim of connecting as many young Jewish students as possible to their Jewish identities and to show them the beauty of Torah and the life that comes with it.

Rafael Joseph said of his appointment: “To connect young people to their Jewish Identity in the modern day is an incredibly challenging endeavour. I welcome that challenge with Aish UK and hope that in my role we will be able to inspire every Jewish student to realise the beauty of the inheritance assigned to us and to embrace that privilege.”

Rabbi Naftali Schiff, Chief Executive of Aish UK said: “We are extremely excited to welcome Rafael Joseph’s to the Aish UK team. Rafael’s experience and commitment to the Jewish development of thousands of young Jews thus far, puts him and Aish in great stead for the future. Secondary school students are in some of their most formative years for building a connection to their Judaism, and we aim to inspire and connects many of them as possible before stepping into the professional world.”