A new Green Paper aims to enhance everyday life for Jewish communities.
Proposals in the Integrated Communities Strategy include the promotion of ‘British values’ in education to help underpin society.
School children will learn values including fairness, tolerance and respect.
The paper also aims to tackle hate crime and encourage greater reporting of incidents.
Communities Secretary Sajid Javid set out the £50 million plan for a more ‘united Britain’ yesterday.
Initiatives will improve English language skills, increase opportunities for women in the workplace and enhance “meaningful” discussions between young people.
There will be an exploration of law reforms on marriage and religious weddings. And training will be provided to faith leaders in understanding British culture and shared values.
Reacting to the paper, Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush said: “The Jewish community has a long-record of positive integration.
“We have been in frequent dialogue with the Government on the development of the strategy and we look forward to sharing the Jewish community’s experience of how minority communities can preserve our identities while being fully integrated and contributing members of British society.”
Following the launch, Mr Javid commented: “Britain can rightly claim to be one of the most successful diverse societies in the world Communities Secretary. But we cannot ignore the fact that in too many parts of our country, communities are divided, preventing people from taking full advantage of the opportunities that living in modern Britain offers.
“Successive governments have refused to deal with the integration challenges we face head on, preferring to let people muddle along and live isolated and separated lives.
“We will put an end to this through our new strategy which will create a country that works for everyone, whatever their background and wherever they come from.
“Integration challenges are not uniform throughout the country, with different areas and communities having varying needs.”
Education Secretary Damian Hinds added: “We want to make sure that all children learn the values that underpin our society, including fairness, tolerance and respect. These are values that help knit our communities together, which is why education is at the heart of this strategy.
“It’s also important that children are taught in a safe environment and that we can act quickly if children are at risk or being encouraged to undermine these values.
“Together, with Ofsted and communities across the country, we will build on the work already underway to achieve this.”
The initiative follows a report for the Ministry by Dame Louise Casey’s in 2016 highlighting the number of communities divided by race, faith or socio-economic lines.
The strategy aims to ensure children receive an education preparing them for life in modern Britain and a means to form lasting relationships with people from different backgrounds, British Values will be spread across school curriculums.
There is a call on national and local government leaders, businesses and civil society to ensure services have a strong focus on integration.
And recent migrants will receive help to integrate into communities.
A 12-week consultation debate on the strategy has begun to find the most effective ways to address integration challenges.

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