In this week’s Psalm, King David asks Hashem to champion his cause and avenge him against the nations who are ‘without kindness.’ Rabbi Hirsch explains that the nations of the world will profess dedication to justice, and pretend to abide by the ideals, yet history has unfortunately shown only too brutally that they have not always shown kindness to Jews.

As Jews in exile, we have constantly prayed to G-d to enlighten us to truthfully understand the ways of Hashem, and the path that the Torah wants us to follow. King David beseeches The Almighty to dispatch His ‘light and truth’ upon him, and lead him to His holy mountain and dwelling place, which is of course the Har Habayit in Jerusalem.

Nowadays, without our Temple, each person can make their own house a ‘bayit neeman b’yisrael,’ a true place of Judaism and holiness. By having Jewish books in the house, studying Torah and following the mitzvas of G-d, we can all proudly call our homes a Temple, that The Almighty will be proud to reside in. May we all merit to fulfill this opportunity.

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