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Last week, Shabbat Walk hosted a respite Friday night meal for ten children with special needs at the home of Family Belovski. Sixteen youth volunteers participated in this event and created a wonderful atmosphere with their singing and dancing during davening as well as a spirited Kumsitz at the meal.

The evening provided a much-needed break for the families of the children and offered the children an opportunity to be a part of an amazing experience. It created a real Kiddush Hashem for the non-Jewish carers that accompanied their charges.

The evening was sponsored Leilui Nishmas Beate bas Shimon Yitzchok and for a refuah sheleima for Fychi bas Malka Gittel.

On Motzei Shabbos, Shabbat Walk organised a trip to the Bowling alley for children from single parent families.

The idea was to enable the regular volunteers to bond with the kids in a fun and relaxing manner.

As one grateful mother stated: ‘He came back so happy, as a single parent with much older kids I don’t get to take him out enough, I really appreciate it’