Land Commercial Surveyors is a family run business founded by Lewis Diamant in 1989. His son, Adam, began working as a negotiator for e company in 2002 after being made redundant from his previous job as a trader in the city. He worked his way up to becoming director in 2007.

Last year Adam took on the position of Managing Director, and in his new role he is now effectively responsible for overseeing the business, and looking after a team of 14 members of staff. Based in Gants Hill, ‘Land Commercial looks after properties in East, North and North West London, as well as the Essex and Hertfordshire area.  They offer a complete comprehensive service which incorporates commercial sales and lettings, surveying as well as commercial and block management which is the fastest growing part of the business. By being able to cover all of these areas, Adam believes that ‘Land Commercial Surveyors’ offers an all-encompassing service that not only saves the client time but also money, as they are able to deal with just one company. Adam explains, “Rather than having to work with a separate agent, surveyor and property manager for one property, we are able to offer every service that a client needs in a tailor-made package. The property business is a fast moving industry, so the continuity of service benefits the client, and gets things moving much quicker.”

The company’s agency department covers industrial, retail and office space and the team have expertise in all of these areas. Currently industrial property is very much in demand from both a sales and lettings perspective, and Adam is keen to acquire new and exciting properties within this sector. “The industrial market is very strong at the moment, and it is in short supply. Everything that we have is being let or sold very quickly. It would be great be able to get some more properties on our books, and I would be happy to speak to any owners that are looking to rent or sell this type of property.”

During his 15 years’ experience at the company, Adam has developed extensive knowledge and an impressive client base working on behalf of prestigious clients including Higgins Group, Lee Barron, and Freshwater as well as many independent property owners and developers.  Over that time, Adam has seen a change in how the property market works. “When I started working at the company, I remember that we would have to send out information to prospective buyers by post, and then we would have to wait for a response. Now everything is possible at the touch of a button. Things move much quicker, and so it is essential that we are able to adapt to this. If I take on a property on a Thursday morning, I can send out an email or post it on a property portal, and get responses by that afternoon. In some ways this can be a good thing and makes this industry exciting and dynamic, but there used to be something special about taking on a property, and being able to give priority to prospective purchasers/ tenants who you knew the property would be suitable for.”

As MD, Adam has a pro-active, hands-on approach, and is involved with every area of the business. One of the key elements he is focussing on is finding new business opportunities, and connecting with new clients. He enjoys meeting people and helping them to maximise the potential of their property, and believes that Land Commercial Surveyors, as a smaller business, has the advantage of being able to offer a more personal touch. He explains, “When dealing with larger companies it may mean that every time a client gets in touch, they will speak to a different person, or that there specific departments that look after particular parts of the client negotiation process. A negotiator will often pass a client onto a deal progressor/admin person to conclude the deal. With our company, there is one main point of contact throughout the transaction who is able to help with any questions and queries. This gives our client the faith that we are doing our best for them and their property, and we will work hard to help them get the best results.”

When taking on a new property, Adam will first make contact with the owner to find out as much about the property, and their expectations for sale or letting. In order to be able to offer the best valuation dditional in-depth research may be required, so he can gain the most up to date market information. He will also work closely with his surveyors to ensure he has a complete picture. “For us, it is not about getting a quick deal, but getting the best deal for our client.” If they are happy to proceed, Adam and his team will start working to sell or let out the property as soon as possible. It will be listed on property websites and boards will be put up to generate interest. Based on this interest, viewings will then be organised. All of this will be handled by the Land Commercial who will deal with the transaction through to completion, once a buyer/tenant has been found.

For those interested in going into a career in property, Adam believes that starting out working in commercial is a great way to learn about the industry as a whole.  He explains, “You get to see a lot more of a variety of properties within the commercial sector than in residential. Anything from large office buildings to retail units, and even if you want to eventually move into the residential sector, I think that commercial offers a great foundation on which to develop.” When thinking of longer term prospects and career development, Adam would recommend that qualifying as a surveyor is advisable.

Adam is excited about his role at the company, and is determined to continue to work on the strong business relationships and excellent reputation that the company has developed. He is keen to be involved in all areas of the business, and to take it forward. “We feel that offering our clients the personal touch sets us apart from our competitors. There is always someone answering the phone that will know about your property and they will be able to offer assistance. In the days of impersonal computer technology, we offer an old school, more traditional approach, but still utilise all of the modern tools available to create a great client experience.”

If you would like to get in touch with Adam and the Land Commercial team, please call 0208 498 8080 or email . Further information is also available on or
They is also a Facebook page – landcommercial.