A few weeks ago, in the middle of June, Aish on Campus were joined by 40 students from Universities all across the UK for the trip of a lifetime to Israel. This is addition to a separate Forum for Jewish Leadership programme running for another 30 students.

The two month long experience allows the students to gain from Internships in a wide range of fields whilst exploring Israel and engaging with a world-class series of seminars, guests speakers and workshops that delve into Jewish wisdom in a fun, relevant and inspiring way. After two weeks of incredible Aish education and Israel experiences, the students will now begin their 6 week internship in a field of their choice. Options include roles to work with and learn in medicine, business and property management.

The group were left inspired after hearing Dr Morris Harsteins story, where following a family holiday in Ethiopia he single-handedly established an eye-hospital, and training academy that has improved tens of thousands of lives, as well as learning all about an incredible initiative founded by Mr Joe Gitler called Leket which provides food to underprivileged families in Israel. The group really enjoyed challenging social media influencer Rudy Rochman about how best to address the growing tide of anti-semitism on Campuses in the UK and were stunned to hear from Mrs Beatie Deautsch, Israel’s no.1 marathon runner, who is also the mother of five!

The trip so far has featured laser challenges, jeeping in the desert, a political tour, kayaking on the Jordan river amongst so many other fantastic activities and experiences. The mornings featured learning in the Aish World Centre overlooking the Kotel in the state of the art facilities, which allowed the group to focus their energy and minds on delving into Torah ideas and discussions.

“We have designed a wholesome and unique opportunity for students to live and appreciate Israel and the Jewish people in a way that they never have before and it is amazing to share this beauty with students who will take the lessons learnt and shared experiences back with them to so many different cities across the country” Rabbi Gideon Goldwater, Director of Aish UK Campus.