photo credits Meron Persey Photography

Sitting together with 300 people in Radlett Centre last week, one could be forgiven for imagining that we were in shul, even though it was clearly a theatre.
A jovial air hung around  a room full of happy and excited people, clearly waiting in anticipation of a night full of jokes on the length of a rabbi’s sermons and Jewish v Goyish puns. True to form, in his unique style, Ashley didn’t disappoint.
The audience were taken on a whirlwind tour across the spectre of British Jewry, from our finest hours to our darkest moments.
Ashley spent the show recreating Mount Sinai with a new version of the 10 Commandments, with new halachot including Shabbat UK being turned into a mandatory yom tov. Topics ranged from how double yellow lines to a Jew mean park whenever you want, to the fact that sushi has become such a popular staple diet for Jews, it will soon become mandatory to serve at shivah houses.
Rina from Radlet remarked: “How wonderful it is that we can laugh at ourselves.” Rabbi Alan Garber of Shenley Synagogue thought it was “ a great night out, with much more laughter than I initially expected,” while Paul from Mill Hill said that Ashley was “very entertaining”.