Avigdor Lieberman


The Palestinian killer of two Israelis at the Alon recycling factory in the Barkan industrial zone last month is still at large.

Kim Levengrond Yehezkel’s parents have criticised Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman for failing to catch Ashraf Walid Suleiman Na’alwa who also murdered Ziv Hagbi.

Sarah Vettori miraculously escaped the shocking attack after being shot.

An order to demolish Na’alwa’s home has also not taken place.

“It’s a difficult feeling.  We are not getting any updates,” said Kim’s father, Rafi Levengrond told reporters.

“Several security officials attended the shiva and said they will be in touch, but not only are they not in touch nothing is being done.

“The terrorist’s home is still standing and that is Mr. Lieberman’s greatest failure. He failed and he has to immediately resign, he can’t manage anything and he’s not showing any authority.

“The Defence Minister has the authority to demolish terrorists’ homes. If they aren’t doing it, Lieberman probably forbids it. If he is not using his authority perhaps he should get out of the driver’s seat.”

Levengrond added that numerous terrorists’ houses are yet to be demolished.

“There are 102 other homes of terrorists that committed crimes as worse as the Barkan shooting, and they stand intact; the families live there. Even though the terrorists have been caught, nothing is being done,” he explained.

“They said this terrorist worked alone. How could he have he done this alone if he’s been in hiding for so long? How does he get food and drink? He receives help.

“They caught someone that helped him. That person even had intelligence on him, but what are they going to do with him? What are they not interrogating him? He executed my daughter. He tied her up and executed her!”

The family is planning to march in Barkan on the first month anniversary of Kim’s murder.

There were calls for the death penalty for terrorists who murder Israelis after the terror incident that drew headlines around the world.

Na’alwa, from the village of Shweiki near Tulkarem, worked as an electrician at the recycling plant.

Hiding a M-16 rifle under his clothes, security camera footage showed him fleeing the scene after the horrific double murder some 25 km east of Tel Aviv.

Counter-terrorism and security forces began a manhunt to bring Na’alwa to justice.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said both victims were brutally murdered.

Lieberman commented in the aftermath that it would be “only a matter of time” before the killer was apprehended.

Several residents of Na’alwa’s village, Shweiki, were arrested but no arrest has been forthcoming.

Hundreds of mourners attended the funerals of 28-year-old mum, Kim, from Rosh HaAyin and 35-year old Zvi, a father of three from Rishon LeZion.

Minister of Communications Ayoob Kara attended the funeral on behalf of the government.

Barkan industrial zone is viewed as a place for joint Israeli and Palestinian economic success.

Located on Route 5 close to Rosh HaAyin, over 100 factories provide work for both sides of the Green Line with good working conditions and social benefits.

Shomron Regional Council, located in the zone, links Jews and Arabs.