A family of eight have died in the worst car accident in Israel for six years.

Yariv and Shoshi Atar together with their children, Yaakov Yisroel, Ateres, Ayala, Moriah, Yedid and Avigayil were trapped as their car burst into flames near the Dead Sea.

“We are currently investigating the circumstances of the incident,” said Shimon Botbol from the Southern District Police.

“As a result of the head-on collision, one vehicle caught fire while all of its passengers were on board.

“Consequently, all passengers of the same family were killed on the spot.

“The incident is under preliminary investigation at the district examiners’ unit.”

The driver of a second vehicle was arrested at the scene.

His wife and daughter were injured in the crash.

The vehicle was taken for tests.

According to witnesses, the suspect raced to the Atar’s vehicle and tried to help family members trapped in a car.

The Atar family settled in Psagot after Yariv and Shoshi got married 13 years ago.

Yariv worked for a computer company and was a special education teacher at Keren Or in Jerusalem.

Five of the children attended elementary school and kindergartens in Psagot.

Their eldest son, Yaakov, studied at Yeshiva High School of Mateh Binyamin in Beit El.