The Campaign Against Antisemitism has welcomed the withdrawal of a World Service programme on the Holocaust from BBC’S International Question Time series.

“Isn’t it time we stopped using the Jewish Holocaust as propaganda for the Jewish cause? was initially broadcast in August 1998.

Online since March 2016, its availability was discovered by a Twitter user searching for Jewish-related topics on BBC Sounds.

“Seriously?” noted Shayne Maydel, shocked by its listing in the second spot.

“The programme itself covers various topics and includes on its panel Professor David Ceserani,” said CAA on its website, adding the programme was named purely for its first ten minutes discussing the question of whether the Holocaust is Jewish propaganda in response to a question from a caller from Lebanon.

CAA aloe noted the panel dealt with the anti-Semitic question “intelligently and firmly” but it “beggars belief” to have an anti-Semitic title on BBC apps.

Whilst pleased that the BBC has axed the programme, CAA said posting the programme with an anti-Semitic title was “utterly outrageous” in the first place and called for an explanation how it happened and what action the BBC it will take when staff responsible are identified.