Shosh Waldman has over a decade of experience working in the world of design and printing, having previously worked as Senior Designer at Kisharon Print Shop in Hendon. After having her third son, she decided to start up on her own business making simchah stationery and invitations, and Papercut Fingers was born.

As soon as Shosh set up her business she immediately had a lot of interest, and Papercut Fingers has continued to go from strength to strength. With her background in design and marketing, and having studied at London Guildhall, Shosh has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she uses with customers to create their perfect stationery for their special occasion.

Being a small company, she is able to offer a much more personalised service, and she is involved in every aspect of production. She starts with an initial consultation, which allows her to meet with her clients at her home in Hendon and show them sample books with examples of her work. “People want their day to be special, and that starts with the invitations. It reflects the style, tone and theme of the whole event. Many of my clients have an idea of what they would like, and I work closely with them to create a sample based on our discussions.” As well as producing invitations, she is able to create a host of other simchah-related stationery from table plans to thank-you cards, and also bentchers, all in the same theme or colours to complement each other. She also produces personalised gift labels that can be used for any occasion. Her invitations are all hand-made, and she does the printing and assembly herself, ensuring that everything is done to the highest quality.

Shosh loves the chance to work on unusual bespoke briefs for people, which incorporate some of their own personality and interests into the theme of their stationery. Recently she was asked to create penguin-themed stationery for a bat mitzvah girl who loved the birds. “Everything was black and white, and it looked really great. She was really happy with them, and it was so nice to be able to make something unique and personal to celebrate her special day.”

As well as simchah stationery, Papercut Fingers also produces greeting cards, which Shosh sells in conjunction with Hasmonean Primary School PTA, with a percentage of her sales going towards raising money for the school.

Planning a simchah can be very stressful, and Shosh recommends that you give yourself as much time as possible when it comes to thinking about invitations. She suggests to start looking at invitation designs and planning around six months ahead so that you are able to make your decision without too much stress or hassle. “I try to help my clients as much as possible and take some of the stress away from them, so it is one less thing to worry about.”

Once a design has been decided on, Papercut Fingers will then create a sample which will be sent to the client and can then be modified or amended to ensure that they are completely happy with it. Once this has been agreed, the actual production of the invitation can take anything from three to four days up to two to three weeks, depending on the design and quantity. Shosh herself is involved in every aspect of production through to final delivery.

Shosh keeps up to date with trends within the market and has a good understanding of what is popular. For those looking for a bit of bling to add to their event, Shosh says that glitter is very big at the moment, and she personally loves incorporating it into her designs as much as possible. She also recommends pearlescent paper to clients to add elegance and sophistication.

Shosh really enjoys working for herself now, especially the freedom it gives her, and she offers the following advice to anyone thinking of starting their own business. “Know your market and see what else is out there. It is essential that you research various suppliers and material costs, so you know what kind of outgoings you will potentially have. This is a really big part of running your own business. Luckily my husband, Gedalia, is an accountant so has helped me keep my figures in check.”

For Shosh, the thing she likes most about her job are having the chance to be really creative and imaginative, and working with customers to be part of their special days. “I really like getting into people’s heads and creating what they have inside their imaginations. It is a great feeling when you show them your design and they react so well to it and tell you that is exactly what they were thinking of!”

If you would like to find out more about Papercut Fingers, check out the Facebook page: Papercut Fingers Invites and Simcha Stationery. Shosh has kindly offered Jewish Weekly readers the chance to receive 50 free thank you cards for every order of 80 invitations or more. Remember to quote ‘Jewish Weekly’ when making your order. Please contact her via her Facebook page, or email

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