Wailing Wall Jerusalem

Unilever will continue to sell Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Israeli settlements.

Franchisee Avi Zinger can produce the ice cream as he has for 35 years without issues.

The Be’er Tuvia factory employs Israelis and Palestinians workers.

Ben & Jerry’s drew global headlines when they announced last year it was to stop selling its products in ‘occupied’ territories.

“It is a significant victory for everyone who believes in cooperation and coexistence, and a resounding defeat for those who advocate discrimination and boycotts,” said Zinger who thanked factory workers, Knesset MKs, US states, Jewish organisations and activists for backing the fight.

“Anti-Semitism will not prevail,” Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said. “Not even in ice cream. We will fight against de-legitimisation and the BDS boycott movement in every arena” he said. “The Ben & Jerry’s factory in Israel is a symbol of diversity and co-existence in Israeli society.”