Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proposed a new unity government to Blue and White leader Benny Gantz citing “national responsibility” as a key element.

With no breakthrough forthcoming in putting together a coalition a month on after Israel’s second general election in a year, Netanyahu’s proposal is his latest bid to break the political deadlock.

“This government will be based on a broad national consensus to enable it to address the pressing security and economic challenges that are rising around us,” said Netanyahu.

“All parties will need to make some concessions to reach a consensus”.

Netanyahu has presented the compromise plan to Gantz.

“This is the only government that can be formed now, it is the only government that must be formed now,” he noted.

Netanyahu added, “The citizens of Israel look around and see how the Middle East is changing for the worse right before our eyes. Those who need to know, know that the security challenges are growing, and they are not waiting for us.

“That is why I call on Gantz to show national responsibility and to enter immediate negotiations with me, to establish the government that the State of Israel so desperately needs.

“Any unnecessary delay will take us back to the same point in about two months, with all the implications that accompany it”.

Netanyahu’s proposal encompasses security plans, the economy, social needs, religious relations and Middle East peace.

Together with Gantz they would present a shared view on US President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” in a united front.

Likud’s leader has called on Gantz to enter negotiations but Blue and White’s head has reportedly rejected the proposal.

“Unfortunately, the prime minister’s recent conduct indicates that his path is not a path of unity, but of immunity,” said Gantz. “Even today, he is unwilling to negotiate directly and recognise the fact that most Israeli citizens have elected a liberal unity government, without the extremists.”

There are reports that Netanyahu would prefer third elections rather than allow Gantz to try form a coalition. Gantz however is also not expected to be able to form a governing coalition In an ever-complicated situation.