Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu has tested positive for COVID-19.

The former Prime Minister was “feeling well” and following coronavirus guidelines according to a statement from his spokesperson yesterday. 

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid wished Netanyahu a speedy recovery.

Netanyahu was in the Knesset on Wednesday before his PCR result. 

Knesset Sergeant-at-Arms Yuval Chen called on parliamentary staff to follow Health Ministry’s measures. Netanyahu is not the only MK to test positive. Yamina Party MK Shirly Pinto announced her result earlier in the day.

“I’m the 61st MK to have caught it, I’m feeling fine, thanks to everyone for your concern,” she tweeted.

Unvaccinated Israelis no longer have to self-isolate after contact with a coronavirus patient unless in the same household, the Knesset Health Committee approved last Friday.

Covid-19 testing for school students has ended as measures relent. 

Vaccinated Israelis, or those recently recovered, do not need to quarantine even if in the same household as a patient.