Bnos Beis Yaakov has marked Shabbat UK not only with events around the Shabbat itself but with projects reaching well into the winter months.
The all-girls primary school has embarked on a 6-week project to teach the pupils about the uniqueness and holiness of Shabbat.
The Year one girls are preparing booklets featuring Arts & Crafts on the preparation for Shabbat, lighting candles and making Kiddush, two Challot, the three meals and Havdalah.
Year Two will concentrate on making things such as Havdalah mats, phone covers, light-switch covers and an Hadlokat Neirot card.
Years 3 to 6 are learning about the 39 Melochot in depth, with each class learning a different group. By Year Six the girls have an appreciation of all the 39 Melochot and their meanings.
The school was very fortunate to welcome the Ice cream van freshly decorated to celebrate ShabbatUK and every single girl enjoyed the very special treat.